Research in Spectral-CT imaging and Endovascular techniques

The first pilot program in the field of research Imaging and minimally invasive techniques is about using the technique to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases including stroke, as well as cancer. The project develops the next generation computer tomography, a special form of x-ray that creates very detailed images of the body’s organs. Spectral CT is an advanced X-ray method with high image resolution and a whole new functionality that makes diagnosis and treatment more secure.

Patients participating in MedTechLabs research projects may undergo a CT scan under the guidance of a hospital engineer and clinical manager before continuing their treatment. The aim for the research is to lead to safer operations, diagnostics and treatment. The CT technology is continuously upgraded. The pilot project also uses endovascular technology, which means that with the guidance of x-rays you can navigate inside the body’s vessels to, for example, pull out blood clots. The technique also makes it possible to take samples and inject or deposit drugs locally in organs that are otherwise difficult to access.

The pilot project is led by MedTechLab’s two scientific directors, Mats Danielsson, Professor of Medical Imaging, KTH, and Staffan Holmin, Professor at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at KI, as well as Chief Physician Research and Development at the Functional Area Neuroradiology at Karolinska University Hospital.

The participants in MedTechLab’s research are volunteer patients and healthy subjects. The projects follow good clinical research ethics, ethics testing, and other ethics of care and research ethics. The research must be approved by the relevant authorities.