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Johan Lundberg

MedTechLabs Fellow

Johan Lundberg
Published Dec 08, 2020

Johan Lundberg is assistant professor at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet and head for the MR department at ME Neuroradiology at Karolinska University Hospital.

1. What research do you do at MedTechLabs?

My research has mainly involved experimental endovascular interventions and advanced imaging studies. I intend to continue developing cell transplantation by endovascular means and pre-clinical imaging of transplanted cells and stroke together with Professor Staffan Holmin. During the pandemic, I have further started research involving clinical MRI perfusion inspired by earlier pre-clinical work in collaboration with several other research groups led by Associate Professor Malin Jonsson-Fagerlund at the Anesthesia Department and clinical imaging with Dr. Tobias Granberg at the Neuroradiology Department. Furthermore, I am also very excited to collaborate with Professor Mats Danielsson regarding spectral CT's clinical applications.

2. What impact do you hope to achieve with your research?

The impact that I hope to achieve as a researcher is improving the lives of our patients. By using combinations of technical advancements or applying technical solutions from fields outside of medicine to medical problems, I hope to, in some small part, improve diagnostic or therapeutic options.

3. When would this research come to practical use for the patients?

We will hopefully test the trans-vessel wall technique for organ access through endovascular means in clinical trials soon. I find that very exciting since we have been working on that project since 2007. I have collaborated on a fast MRI sequence for calculating lung perfusion that has helped generate insights regarding the pathophysiology of COVID-19 is already deployed in clinical practice. 

4. What is Your professional background and Your motivation as a researcher?

I started the Medical Program in 2002 and combined research and studies to qualify for my medical degree in 2009 and defend my Ph.D. thesis in 2011, both at Karolinska Institutet. Since then, I have spent a pretty long time on parental leave with my four kids, building our house, and combined with an internship and continued research. In 2015 I started the residency program in Neuroradiology at Karolinska University Hospital.

For me, my primary motivation for continued research is to learn new things. After thinking about a problem, if I can design an experiment to understand more, that is the most exciting thing I can ever imagine. 

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