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MedTechLabs Seminar: Applying the new digital tools for AI-oriented research based on practical examples from breast radiology

This seminar will discuss how new digital tools, e g for reader studies and data sharing and upload of cases, can support AI-oriented research based on breast radiology images and of breast radiology education, primarily of ST doctors in image and function. We will also discuss how to execute healthcare-based validation of AI in retrospective data. The application area can certainly be generalized to other body areas.

Time: Tue 2021-06-29 16.00

Location: Online

Participating: Anders Nordell, Collective Minds Radiology

Sign up link . A confirmation will be sent directly after registration with an on-line link to the seminar. 

The lecture is followed by a discussion between Mr. Nordell and Fredrik Strand, Breast radiologist and MedTechLabs research leader, moderated by Johan Schuber.

Anders Nordell is CEO and a co-founder of Collective Minds Radiology, a healthcare collaboration company providing services in consultation, education and research. With Collective Minds, doctors can collaborate to solve difficult cases, build- and deliver virtual and interactive medical imaging education, and plan, structure and carry out academic research projects and clinical trials. Collective Minds Radiology was founded in 2017 in Stockholm by four founders from MedTech-, Clinical radiology- and IT industries. Today the company have ~25 employees in Stockholm and Barcelona.

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