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MedTechLabs Seminar

Professor Staffan Holmin gives a lecture on “Tissue access by endovascular technique”. Sign up by using the link.

Time: Wed 2021-02-10 15.00 - 16.00

Lecturer: Staffan Holmin

Location: Online


About Staffan Holmin

Staffan Holmin is Professor in clinical neuro imaging, head of image and function at Karolinska Institute, as well as a neurosurgery and neuro radiologist, chief physician in neurointervention at Karolinska University Hospital. Together with colleagues within the neuro specialties he has built up and developed the emergency stroke care in Stockholm and also on an international level, and he heads a multidisciplinary research group at KI. The research is focused on the diagnostics and treatment of stroke and also to develop new techniques and instruments to deliver cells and drugs, and to take samples from organs that are hard to access, by using the blood vessels as inner passages. He has given the Sven-Ivar Seldinger honorary lecture at the European congress of radiology and received the Hans Wigzells foundation science prize. The technique to deliver substances and cells to organs through the wall of the blood vessel is undergoing commercialization in cooperation with AstraZeneca. Staffan Holmin is a research leader at MedTechLabs, for the research program Spectral CT-imaging and Endovascular Techniques.

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