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Dagens industri writes about MedTechLabs

News article on high valuation of research patents

Bild från Di:s webbplats med artikeln
Published Jun 28, 2021

On June 22 Swedens largest financial newspaper published an article about MedTechLabs and the valuation of patens for medical technology.

Analytics company Cascelotte has placed research patens from the centre researhers at the same level as top universities such as Stanford, Harvard, Oxford and Johns Hopkins. In the article Niclas Roxhed and Johan Schuber explains the importance of hetting such a high valuation of the patents clarified:

”For me as a researcher it's about that I want to see my inventions getting into use in the healthcare", explains Niclas Roxhed, research leader in micro and nano systems at Medtechlabs. 

”It is also very important results for Stockholm in order to attract the best talents and to get companies to place their R&D here" ascerts Johan Schuber.

Read the full article (in Swedish) here

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