About us

MedTechLabs is an interdisciplinary center for medical technology research that creates new health conditions to provide patients with faster diagnosis and better treatment. MedTechLabs means that researchers with technical and medical clinical skills can work together close to the patient. The activities will initially be conducted at BioClinicum at Karolinska University Hospital. All researchers affiliated with MedTechLabs must have undergone training in the Good Clinical Practice (GCP). The center is run by the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Karolinska Institutet, KI, and Stockholm County Council, and will contribute to the development of medical technology in a national and international perspective.

Short info

The center will have two main tasks: to generate new knowledge in medical technology, and to convey and implement this knowledge in health care. The radiation-proof lab environment of 40 square meters in BioClinicum in close proximity to Karolinska University Hospital will be available to research groups from 2019. MedTechLabs is a joint venture of KTH, Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm County Council and will start in 2018.


  • Internationally leading research in medical technology and care processes as well as an arena for international knowledge exchange
  • Strong cooperation between KTH-KI-Stockholm County Council in Medical Technology Research and Education
  • Increased survival and improved quality of life in several disease states

How is MedTechLabs funded?

The center is funded mainly through Stockholm County Council, according to the decision of the county council in December 2017, but also by Karolinska Institutet and KTH. MedTechLabs builds an infrastructure for medical technology research in Stockholm, and efforts are being made to recruit outstanding researchers in the field.

External funding

Means from private actors that strengthen both infrastructure and faculty recruitment are welcomed by the parties. In addition, individual research groups within MedTechLabs may have funding from several other players, both private and authorities.


Why do we start with just the research program Spectral-CT imaging and endovascular techniques?

Based on the research collaboration initiated in 2013 between Professor Mats Danielson, KTH and Professor Staffan Holmin KI /SLL, supported by funds from KTH and SLL, Mats Danielsson demonstrated the opportunity for KTH’s leadership to significantly strengthen patient-centered research in medical technology that would lead to direct values for the health care. The proposal assumed that new knowledge is generated through the recruitment of prominent younger researchers in international competition who conduct research projects in patient-safe lab environment close to the care pathway. Research results are then mediated ongoing to healthcare professionals and implemented in the health care. At the management dialogue KTH SLL in April 2017, it was decided that MedTechLab’s first research program should be Spectral-CT imaging and Endovascular Techniques, where employment profiles for the announcement of Assistant Associate Professorships are presented by Mats Danielsson, KTH and Staffan Holmin, KI / SLL in dialogue with KTH and KI / SLL. The recruitment process is proposed as follows for KTH’s initiative at the Faculty of Applied Sciences (2015).