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MedTechLabs enable high-impact technology transfer for implementation in healthcare by IP protection, industrial collaborations and on-line education.

On-line education with physical seminar

Acute stroke treatment within 24 hours – decision support with perfusion

The aim of this on-line training is to inform and educate about the value of perfusion in the investigation of stroke up to 24 hours from onset after several studies were published in 2018. This will put a strong focus on rapid clinical management and advanced neuroradiology of acute stroke even by those who wake up with a stroke or are searched late. The training should lead to cost-effective and rapid dissemination of new verified methods for treatment and diagnosis.

The training is aimed at ST doctors in radiology, X-ray nurses and other healthcare personnel in the management of acute stroke. It aims to provide knowledge about how the care chain and investigation with perfusion should be done in order to provide the patient with care based on the latest evidence.

The training is in Swedish.

The training is made up of video lectures, questions and clinical cases on the Collective Minds Radiology platform and is available 24/7. The idea is that when you have time, you can do a small part at a time in about 15-30 minutes out of a total of about 16 hours. 

X- Ray illustration of brain stroke – 3d Illustration

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