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All projects belong to one of MedTechLabs four research programmes or research areas.

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Nurse Holding a Baby During Birth

Continuous lactate measurement and prevention of fetal hypoxia during labour and delivery

Current fetal monitoring methods have weaknesses and the researchers in this new programme aim to improve them to reduce…

Via 3D microscopy, the filtration structure of the kidney, the 200–500 nanometre wide podocyte foot processes, are visualised with light microscopy (left image). This enables simple automatic analysis and quantification of the health condition of the kidney (images right), with possible application within clinical renal diagnostics.

Programme Optical 3D microscopy for more effective diagnosis of kidney diseases

Automatic image analysis of morphological changes will provide a faster, safer and quantitatively improved analysis of the development of…

Programme Spectral CT-imaging and Endovascular Techniques

The purpose of the programme is to use technology to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, and cancer.

Project Endovascular remote controlled drug capsules

Research Leader Niclas Roxhed, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Project Molecular imaging and radiochemistry

Research Leader Staffan Holmin and Jeroen Goos, Karolinska Institutet

Project Tissue access with endovascular technique

Research Leader Staffan Holmin, Karolinska Institutet

Project A photon-tracing detector with ultra-high resolution

Research Leader Mats Danielsson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Project Image Reconstruction Methods for Photon Counting Computer Tomography

Research Leader Mats Persson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Programme Breast Cancer Imaging powered by Artificial Intelligence Diagnostics

The programme uses AI and machine learning to radically increase the accuracy of breast cancer imaging diagnostics.