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MedTechLabs is an interdisciplinary center for medical technology research that develops diagnostics and better treatments for our most common diseases.

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Mattias Rantalainen and Johan Hartman

Cancer Research publishes an article by Johan Hartman och Mattias Rantalainen

The journal Cancer Research (IF 12.3) publishes an article with Johan Hartman and Mattias Rantailanen as shared last authors. The article describes ho...

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Bild från Di:s webbplats med artikeln

Dagens industri writes about MedTechLabs

On June 22 Swedens largest financial newspaper published an article about MedTechLabs and the valuation of patens for medical technology.

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Niclas Roxhed

Nature Communications publishes article by Niclas Roxhed

Today Nature Communications published the article "Multianalyte serology in home-sampled blood enables an unbiased assessment of the immune response a...

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