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About us

Researchers from KTH collaborate with MD´s from Karolinska Institutet to develop diagnostics and improve treatments for our most common diseases. Close proximity to Karolinska University Hospital provides unique opportunities for clinical studies. 

The vision

MedTechLab’s vision is to increase patient survival and improve quality of life for our most common diseases and medical challenges, by providing access to the latest technological advances.


  • MedTechLabs projects should reach clinical trials within five years.
  • MedTechLabs will become one of the top ten interdisciplinary centres in the world for medical device research.
  • Research leaders associated with MedTechLabs will generate significant external grants that further develop the medical device field.

Mission statement

To strengthen the field of medical technology with a focus on providing the best conditions for the researchers associated with the centre.


The MedTechLabs centre is a long-term initiative that started in 2018 and is run by KTH, Karolinska Institutet and Region Stockholm. The aim of the centre is to contribute to the development of medical technology in a national and international perspective. The basic funding for the centre’s research leaders comes from Region Stockholm, Karolinska Institutet and KTH. In addition, the centre welcomes donations, which then go in full to the research leaders.

Strategic initiatives

MedTechLabs has a well-established framework for conducting tenure-track recruitments but also for competitive project calls. The MedTechLabs Fellowship programme involves an initiative to recruit young researchers to KTH and Karolinska Institutet, as assistant lecturers. Three strategic recruitments with career paths at KTH or Karolinska Institutet have been made to strengthen the research programme Spectral CT imaging and Endovascular techniques. The fellowship programme may be expanded with mobility programmes to attract internationally renowned researchers to conduct their research at MedTechLabs, hosted by either KTH or Karolinska Institutet.

Calls for proposals

MedTechLabs makes annual calls for research funding for programmes within the centre. The latest call was published in April 2024.

When announcing a new research programme, the board appoints an assessment group consisting of national and international experts. The evaluation group proposes a ranking of the applications. The board then decides on the research programme.

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The board deals with applications for affiliation to MedTechLabs.

All participants in research programmes funded by MedTechLabs can be affiliated to the centre. Researchers who do not participate in such research programmes can also be granted affiliation to MedTechLabs.

Clinical relevance and ethics

A prerequisite for ensuring clinical relevance in the projects within MedTechLabs is that patients and healthy people participate in clinical studies.

The projects within the centre must therefore comply with good clinical research practice (GCP), the Ethical Review Act and other principles of healthcare and research ethics. The projects must also be approved by relevant authorities.