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Words by Björn Zoëga on the new CT-lab

On Friday 29 October, we inaugurated our new CT laboratory at BioClinicum, adjacent to Karolinska University Hospital in Solna. In addition to a tour of the laboratory and an ensuing reception, several speeches were given on the significance of the new CT laboratory. The following is an excerpt from the speech given by the chief executive officer of Karolinska University Hospital, Björn Zoëga.

“The CT technology that became available during the 1970s opened up a whole new world for us doctors. This, the next stage in development, offers unbounded possibilities. Here at Karolinska University Hospital, in various ways we treat 1.3 million patients every year. Our aim is that the hospital should constantly progress and provide better care and treatment and I believe that we have demonstrated that we can do so. The fact that we are now the first in the world with this new technology also affirms both that Karolinska Institutet is ranked among the best environments for clinical research in the world, and that Karolinska University Hospital is advancing as one of the best hospitals in the world.

Our machinery and its relationship to how we work as Europe’s smartest hospital means that we must constantly move forwards. To do so together with others is a success factor, and the CT laboratory is an excellent example of this. The strength in working together has been made particularly apparent during the pandemic. It means a great deal to the hospital and the hospital’s patients that clinical studies are now underway to ensure that the next generation of computed tomography benefits patients and the health service.”