Call for a new research program with deadline June 7. 

MedTechLabs research center is a collaboration between KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Karolinska Institutet (KI), and Region Stockholm. MedTechLabs’ main objective is to perform world-leading demand-driven research in medical technology, aiming for better and more cost-effective health care. The research should lead to improved diagnostics, therapy, and patient management. Therefore, the focus is primarily on research with a potential to be applied in a clinical environment within five years. Another objective is to create conditions required for implementing and disseminating new knowledge and methods in Region Stockholm, and then nationally and internationally.

Achieving these goals involves interdisciplinary collaboration in technology and medicine in the Stockholm region. Researchers from KI and KTH will work together to develop technology and methods in a clinical environment. The center will be developed through a new program area with new constellations.

Call for funding

MedTechLabs announces a call for funding of research programmes in the areas of (1) Precision health and (2) Data-driven healthcare research.The research should be focused on medical technology with clear clinical applications for preventing and treating widespread diseases.

Precision health aims for increased and more equal health by using data about the individual’s biology, lifestyle and environment to prevent, diagnose and treat with precision. Recent advancements in technology and knowledge mean that medicine now faces new opportunities to quickly obtain large amounts of biological data from patients. Using this information effectively will allow us to achieve molecularly precise diagnoses and thereby tailor individual treatments—i.e. precision medicine. Today, society’s resources are mainly spent on diagnosis and treatment, and very little on prevention. Precision medicine will provide great and cost-effective opportunities to give more people a longer healthier life.

Data-driven healthcare research: The “data-driven” concept springs from the modern technological advances that continue to produce mountains of systematic, comprehensive, and deep data.  Researchers that can use the available data can mine it and discover unexpected and unpredictable relationships and new knowledge. At the same time, computing power, machine learning, AI, and other technologies available to process the data, have dramatically improved and present great opportunities for those who successfully link it to clinical research.

Each programme must involve one programme director from KI and one from KTH. The programmes should have the potential to deliver breakthrough developments within precision health and/or data-driven healthcare research, in areas characterized by high disease burden in society. 

The research programmes should clearly describe the health challenge that will be addressed, the proposed approach, how patients will benefit from the research, and the respective contribution of the collaborating KI and KTH researchers. 

MedTechLabs intends to support one to two programmes in the range of SEK 2–7 million per year and programme respectively, during four to five years. The call opens April 4th and closes June 7th , 2023. The estimated project start is January 1st, 2024.

Conditions for applying

How to apply
Applications will be processed through Region Stockholm’s portal for research applications, read more in  document_258442_MedTechLabs_2024_Call_updated_12-04-2023.pdf (pdf 270 kB) for instructions how to apply.

Summary: The summary shall outline:

The research programmes should be maximum 10 pages in Arial font size 12 pt, line-spacing 1.15, and should include:

Additional required documents:

Deadline June 3, 2019. MedTechLabs has opened the call for programs: AI and/or Bioelectronic Medicine.

Program area 2: AI and/or Bioelektronic Medicine
Last day for applications: June 3, 2019
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