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Clinical infrastructure

Infrastructure for translational research

BioClinicum, floor 4

MedTechLabs has administrative workplaces and a CT lab on the 4th floor within Karolinska University Hospital’s research building BioClinicum, a hub for clinical research with almost 100 research groups in a close geographical area. It is an environment that is designed to promote translational research and that provides great opportunities for researchers to pick up the issues directly from care givers, which in turn promotes the development of the best treatment results for patients. The goal for the centre’s CT lab is to be designed for a high degree of utilization and occupancy of various research projects. The head of operations at the hospital has the ultimate responsibility for patients who participate in clinical studies.

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Planning Committee for Clinical Infrastructure

A planning group has been set up with representatives from Karolinska University Hospital and from MedTechLab’s management team. The purpose is to ensure the operation of the CT lab with an annual budget and to facilitate planned and ongoing clinical studies conducted by MedTechLab’s research leaders.

Collaboration with Karolinska Trial Alliance (KTA)

MedTechLabs collaborates with Karolinska University Hospital’s expert function Karolinska Trial Alliance (KTA) regarding Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training and support for design and applications for clinical studies.

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