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Project: Molecular imaging and radiochemistry

Research Leader Staffan Holmin and Jeroen Goos, Karolinska Institutet

We use immune cells, a poison peptide and bispecific antibodies to specifically target radiation to tumors. Undesirable radioactive radiation is reduced with this targeted method. Protocols for radioactive labeling of immune cells have been optimized and established. The distribution of radiolabeled immune cells (human stromal cells, rat macrophages, human peripheral mononuclear cells) in the body has been monitored in animal models using positron emission tomography (PET) imaging studies. A manuscript with initial results is currently under review. Translation of the results in preparation for clinical trials has begun. In addition, we have radioactively labeled a brain tumor-specific scorpion venom peptide. The radiolabeling was successful and we were able to show that the radiolabeled peptide could bind to glioma cells in the brains of mice. These studies potentially provide new treatment options for cancer patients.