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Project: Tissue access with endovascular technique

Research Leader Staffan Holmin, Karolinska Institutet

We have continued with the development of the concept of inserting a thin instrument (so-called Extroducer) inside the vessels and have now e.g. succeeded in creating access to the brain parenchyma in pigs via veins. This enables studies on cell transplantation and potentially on sampling. We have published results of heart and kidney access as well as modified technique for access to the pancreas. We have also further developed, tested and patented a microbiopsy tool to enable minimally invasive cardiac sampling for all parts of the heart and developed and verified tissue management protocols for analysis of RNA in these small samples. Ongoing tests of the cardiac biopsy instrument for verification in human tissue are performed in collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Development and testing of a microbiops tool for use inside Extroducer is ongoing. We have recently developed and are testing a new instrument dedicated to sampling endothelial cells in various disease states. Furthermore, we have published results of clinical studies of double energy CT scanning after thrombectomy (where blood clots are removed with thin tools via blood vessels) and during thrombolysis (dissolution of blood clots). We have also done a data analysis and published the results from the Stockholm Triage Study, which meant that patients with suspected blood clots in the large vessels of the brain were transported directly to the new Karolinska University Hospital. In addition, we have published new experimental MRI and PET-based concepts to identify endangered brain tissue in acute ischemic stroke.