A prerequisite for ensuring the clinical relevance of the projects at MedTechLabs is that patients and healthy people participate in clinical studies. These are often a prerequisite for later utilisation of the research results.

The projects within the centre must therefore comply with good clinical research practice (GCP), the Ethical Review Act and other principles of healthcare and research ethics. The projects must also be approved by relevant authorities.

Clinical studies are conducted with the aim of developing new, effective and safe medical treatments in healthcare that benefit the patient.

A clinical study is an examination of healthy or patients who are already in some type of treatment to study the efficacy and safety of new medical treatments of a drug or a medical device. It can also be an evaluation of another type of treatment. The purpose of clinical trials is to produce as effective and safe treatments as possible. Clinical studies are also a prerequisite for authorities to be able to approve a new drug or a new medical device and also for doctors to be able to start using a new treatment method. By participating in a study, patients and healthy people can contribute to driving research forward.

Read more at kliniskastudier.se, which is run by the Swedish Research Council, for a more detailed description of the various steps of a clinical study.