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Seminar: Modern Diagnostic X-Ray Sources

Welcome to an exciting seminar with Rolf Behling, one of the world's leading experts on x-ray sources for medical imaging and author of the book "Modern Diagnostic X-Ray Sources" (CRC press).

Title: Modern Diagnostic X-Ray Sources

Speaker: Rolf Behling, Department of Physics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Time: Monday June 3, 15.15-17.00, with time for questions afterwards

Location: FA32 (Albanova main building, third floor, opposite to the restaurant) and also on Zoom https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/63062020009

More than 100,000 diagnostic X-ray tubes are being newly installed or replaced year on year. Tubes for dental application, non-destructive testing and material analytics add to this number. This lecture will help to improve understanding the physics of X-ray production, in particular for “clinical” diagnostics. It will discuss functional principles of modern X-ray sources, design aspects, special features, radiation protection, and manufacturing technology. Why is vacuum technology not at all outdated? Will we find the X-ray LED, compact X-ray Laser machines or other alternative sources soon? Which breakthrough development is our group at KTH aiming at? The lecture may spark fascination for these vacuum electronic light sources off-the-mainstream.