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Interview with The Swedish Kidney Association

Sara Norman is Director of Operations at the Swedish Kidney Association. In this interview, Sara explains how the Federation views research into…

Via 3D microscopy, the filtration structure of the kidney, the 200–500 nanometre wide podocyte foot processes, are visualised with light microscopy (left image). This enables simple automatic analysis and quantification of the health condition of the kidney (images right), with possible application within clinical renal diagnostics.

Kidney researchers at MedTechLabs awarded and recognised

2022 is not over and already several researchers at the centre's project "Optical 3D microscopy for more effective treatment of kidney diseases"…


Interview with Funktionsrätt Stockholms Län

Annika Hässler is a specialist in general medicine and pain management, as well as a rheumatologist. In this interview, however, her role…


Research funds granted for participation in EUCAIM (European CAncer IMaging)

Contributing to European level infrastructure. Fredrik Strand's research group has been granted SEK 3 million from EU as one of the participants…


Staffan Holmin gets new prize from KI

The prize recognizes one or more researchers/research students who have distinguished themselves through outstanding utilization of research results that have led to…


Interview with Alessandro Gallina

New Phd in Medical Science and focusing on non-invasive vagus nerve activation. Alessandro Gallina has the ultimate goal to bring discoveries on…


Interview with Elisabet Schesny of the Swedish Breast Cancer Association

Elisabet Schesny is deputy chair of the Swedish Breast Cancer Association (Bröstcancerförbundet), Sweden’s only interest organisation focused solely on breast cancer. The…


Interview with Mattie Salim

A radiology resident at Karolinska University Hospital with an interest in breast imaging research. Mattie Salim is a radiology resident at Karolinska…


World-class research center when doctors and engineers work together

"He wants to create a Swedish MIT, a world-class research center for medical technology where the cross-fertilization of KI and KTH, doctors…