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  • Call for a new research program

    Published Mar 01, 2023

    MedTechLabs announces a call for funding of research programs in the areas of (1) Precision health and (2) Data-driven healthcare research.

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  • Interview - new AI assignment for Magnus Boman

    Magnus Boman
    Published Jan 30, 2023

    Magnus Boman is Professor of Intelligent Software Services at KTH and project manager for the AI@KI project. The MedTechLabs Board has now also commissioned him to carry out a survey of needs in the h...

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  • Interview: He leads pioneering project for virtual clinical trials of photon-counting CT

    Erik Fredenberg and Hugo Linder at MedTechLabs
    Erik Fredenberg (left) together with his colleague Hugo Linder, in the CT-lab 
    Published Dec 21, 2022

    The project, funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), is carried out in collaboration with GE Healthcare and is led by Erik Fredenberg, adjunct professor at KTH.

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  • Professor Mats Danielsson receives science prize from Hans Wigzell Research Foundation

    Mats Danielsson
    Published Dec 08, 2022

    Mats Danielsson, program leader at MedTechLabs and professor of Medical Imaging Physics at KTH, has received SEK 925 000 for his research in medical imaging technology that can enable earlier diagnosi...

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  • Fredrik Strand receives double research funding

    Fredrik Strand
    Published Nov 17, 2022

    We congratulate MedTechLab's researcher Fredrik Strand who has recently been awarded research funding from both the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Cancer Foundation. 

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  • Interview with Dr Amir Pourmorteza

    Dr Amir Pourmorteza
    Published Oct 25, 2022

    20th of October 2022, Dr. Amir Pourmorteza held a lecture titled “State of the art and future for medical imaging in healthcare” at Karolinska Institutet, invited by MedTechLabs. We had a chance talki...

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  • Interview with The Swedish Kidney Association

    Sara Norman, Njurförbundet
    Published Sep 26, 2022

    Sara Norman is Director of Operations at the Swedish Kidney Association. In this interview, Sara explains how the Federation views research into new treatments and clinical trials, among other things.

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  • Kidney researchers at MedTechLabs awarded and recognised

    Bild från 3D-mikroskopi som visar njurens filterstrukturer
    Published Sep 07, 2022

    2022 is not over and already several researchers at the centre's project "Optical 3D microscopy for more effective treatment of kidney diseases" have enjoyed good success.

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  • Interview with Funktionsrätt Stockholms Län

    Annika Hässler
    Published Sep 07, 2022

    Annika Hässler is a specialist in general medicine and pain management, as well as a rheumatologist. In this interview, however, her role is as chairperson of Funktionsrätt Stockholms Län, a patient a...

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  • Research funds granted for participation in EUCAIM (European CAncer IMaging)

    Fredrik Strand
    Published Sep 02, 2022

    Fredrik Strand's research group has been granted SEK 3 million from EU as one of the participants in the EUCAIM (European CAncer IMaging) project. The aim of EUCAIM is to establish a European infrastr...

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  • Staffan Holmin gets new prize from KI

    Staffan Holmin
    Published Jun 22, 2022

    The prize recognizes one or more researchers/research students who have distinguished themselves through outstanding utilization of research results that have led to innovation.

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  • Interview with Alessandro Gallina

    Allessandro Gallina
    Published Jun 16, 2022

    Alessandro Gallina has the ultimate goal to bring discoveries on neural regulation of non-resolving inflammation to clinical trials.

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  • Interview with Elisabet Schesny of the Swedish Breast Cancer Association

    Picture of Elisabet Schesny
    Published May 22, 2022

    Elisabet Schesny is deputy chair of the Swedish Breast Cancer Association (Bröstcancerförbundet), Sweden’s only interest organisation focused solely on breast cancer. The association represents its 11...

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  • Interview with Mattie Salim

    Mattie Salim
    Published May 01, 2022

    Mattie Salim is a radiology resident at Karolinska University Hospital and Phd Student at Karolinska Institutet. She is also affiliated to MedTechLabs.

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  • Great research into small medical technology

    Niclas Roxhed
    Published Feb 22, 2022

    Niclas Roxhed wants to create a European Kendall Square in Hagastaden.

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  • SEK 4 million in funding for breast cancer research

    Fredrik Strand
    Published Feb 04, 2022

    Fredrik Strand, breast radiologist and researcher at Medtechlabs, is awarded SEK 4 million from Horizon Europe as one of several participants in the RadioVal project, who received a total grant of SEK...

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  • New grant to centre program

    Kevin Smith & Fredrik Strand
    Published Jan 26, 2022

    The Radiology part of the program Breast Cancer Imaging program powered by AI Diagnostics, with Research leaders Kevin Smith, KTH and Fredrik Strand, Karolinska Institutet have been granted funding by...

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  • Seasons Greetings from MedTechLabs

    Published Dec 22, 2021

    MedTechLabs has had an intense but rewarding year and here we point out some of the highlights.

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  • Torsten Söderberg Foundation supports kidney project at MedTechLabs

    Sigrid Lundberg och Hans Blom
    Forskningsledarna Sigrid Lundberg och Hans Blom
    Published Dec 02, 2021

    1,56 million swedish crowns in funding for the project "Optical 3D microscopy for more effective diagnosis of kidney diseases".

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  • Words by Björn Zoëga on the new CT-lab

    Björn Zoëga and Patrik Puhony
    Björn Zoëga (right) with Patrik Puhony (left), also Karolinska University Hospital
    Published Nov 18, 2021

    On Friday 29 October, we inaugurated our new CT laboratory at BioClinicum, adjacent to Karolinska University Hospital in Solna. In addition to a tour of the laboratory and an ensuing reception, severa...

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