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About the Centre

MedTechLabs is an interdisciplinary centre for medical technology research to create better conditions for patient survival and improved quality of life for those with cancer, cardiovascular and other non-communicable diseases. We create the conditions for healthcare to offer patients much more secure diagnoses and better treatment, at a lower cost.

The centre is a long-term investment initiated in 2018 and managed by KTH, Karolinska Institutet and Region Stockholm with the intention of contributing to the development of medical technology from a national and international perspective by needs-motivated, clinically-based research and education. Basic funding for MedTechLabs's research leaders is provided by Region Stockholm, Karolinska Institutet and KTH.

We welcome supplementary donations, which go directly to funding research leaders.

Research projects are intended to achieve breakthroughs in their respective fields and generate results that can benefit the healthcare sector within five years. MedTechLabs therefore builds on research that is already well-advanced.

The centre is used as an environment for the training of health and medical staff in the methods and implementation of research results, as well as for the validation of new medical technology products that comes out from the research projects. New knowledge and implementable solutions also contribute to the development of the Stockholm region’s life science ecosystem, making the region an attractive investment for global companies.


  • To become among the top 10 interdisciplinary centres worldwide for medical technology research where we develop instruments and methods that will benefit large patient groups
  • To provide a stimulating environment and seed funding for creating new interdisciplinary research projects attracting significant external financial support from national and European funding agencies, philanthropists and private foundations
  • To establish MedTechLabs as a facilitator combining research and medical technology trials, by providing a holistic process for how clinical studies can be conducted attracting both researchers and global companies.
  • To enable high-impact technology transfer for implementation in healthcare, demonstrated through start-up companies, patents, industrial collaborations, events, and online education.  

Strategic investments

MedTechLabs has a well-established framework for conducting tenure-track recruitments but also for projects calls in competition. Strategic recruitments with career paths at KTH or Karolinska Institutet have been conducted to reinforce the research programme Spectral CT-imaging and Endovascular Techniques. Our new MedTechLabs Fellows are now also in place and you can read more <here>. The fellowship programme may be expanded with mobility programmes in order to attract internationally renowned researchers to conduct their research at MedTechLabs, hosted by either KTH or Karolinska Institutet.

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Last changed: Aug 26, 2021