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MedTechLabs använder seminarier och e-kurser som format för snabb kunskapsöverföring.


2020-12-11 | Professor Kenneth R. Chien -The Accidental Biotechnologist -Lessons Learned

2021-03-19 | Dr. Elin Karlberg - How does the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) affect research?

2021-04-29 | Måns Marklund -The power of innovation: Valuation of research initiatives - top class results for MedTechLabs

Seminarier inom programmet Spektral CT och Endovaskulära tekniker

2021-02-10 | Professor Staffan Holmin - Tissue access by endovascular technique

2021-03-11 | Dr. Amir Pourmorteza - Photon-counting CT: Technical Principles and Clinical Prospects

2021-04-19 | Professor Koenraad H. Nieboer - Clinical implementation of spectral imaging in the daily practice

2021-06-17 | Emanuel Ström - Photon-counting CT reconstruction with a deep-learning-based physics model

2021-09-29 | Professor Alain Luciani - Spectral imaging and abdominal oncology: current applications and ongoing questions

Seminarier inom programmet Avbildning och diagnos av bröstcancer med stöd av artificiell intelligens

2021-06-29 | Anders Nordell - Applying the new digital tools for AI-oriented research based on practical examples from breast radiology

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