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Researchers tell (videos)

Learn more about several groundbreaking project. MedTechLabs takes on Stockholm's proud heritage when it comes to medical technology innovations. The videos are in Swedish but have English subtitles.

Photoncounting CT with Exceptional Image Quality

Within the program Spectral CT and Endovascular Techniques, the next generation of Computed Tomography technology is being developed, to the benefit of millions of patients worldwide. The key to success is collaboration within interdisciplinary teams with various cutting-edge competencies.

Participating in the film: Mats Danielsson,  Professor in Medical Imaging, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Development of a non-invasive treatment therapy for cancer

Within the research program Spectral CT and Endovascular Techniques, a non-invasive treatment therapy for cancer is being developed. The interdisciplinary environment facilitates idea development, data interpretation and problem solving at a pace that is difficult to achieve elsewhere and enables rapid transfer of promising research data to clinical applications.

Participating in the film: Staffan Holmin , Professor at Karolinska Institutet and consultant neuroradiologist at Karolinska University Hospital and Jeroen Goos , Assistant Professor at the Department for Clinical NeuroScience, Karolinska Institutet.

Developing autonomous nerve stimulation for the individualised treatment of inflammatory diseases

Within the Biolelectronic Medicine program, doctors, immunologists, engineers and mathematicians work together to find alternative ways to treat inflammatory diseases.

Participating in the film: MD and Research leader Peder Olofsson , Karolinska Institutet. Henrik Hult , Research leader and Professor of Mathematical Statistics at KTH, and Gabriel Andersson, research engineer at KTH.

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